Running and Walking Safety Tips

Being outdoors running, jogging, or walking is one of the best thing we can do to relax the mind and exercise the body. It's very important to be safe when we are out about. We aren't invincible. And anything is possible.

Here is a great safety video by Pretty Loaded - Personal Safety Training which introduce 10 best tips to consider when you go out for a run/jog/walk。 

#1. Run with a dog, a group or another person.

#2. Do not wear headphones.

#3. Run on a well-traveled path that is well-lit.

#4. Don’t be distracted with your phone.

#5. Run where other people are around.

#6. Do not run close to trees or buildings.

#7. Be cautious of people hanging out.

#8. Alter your route. Do not be predictable.

#9. Be cautious of people following you.

#10. Be a fighter and don’t EVER give up.

Trust your gut! Be strong, be aware, be confident, and stay safe!