What To Do Outdoors?

Outdoor activities are great for the body, mind, and mood. There are many ways to get active and exercise outdoors.  Here are some of the most popular activities to consider.


With a one-time investment on a bike, you can benefit a lifetime of good health. You can start cycling as a routine exercise, mode of transport, or just as weekend fun. It is a low impact time efficient workout that increasing muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and decreased stress level. Cycling is a great activity by yourself or with the entire family.

Inline skating

Inline skating is another great low impact choice. It improves balance, coordination, and agility and increase core strength. Inline skating at 9 mph can burn around 500 calories an hour. Calories burned varies based on the weight and speed of the skater. It is great way to weight loss, turn fat into muscle, maintain and improve your health.


Placing yourself on a scooter along the pavement may seem to incline more towards fun activity than exercise. But the scooter is one of the best cardio exercises, especially for your lower-body muscles. You can burn around 300 calories per hour at a moderated pace and have fun as well.  


Walking is one of the best lifetime sports. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, a water bottle, clean wipes, and you are all set. You can ward off chronic diseases with just a half-hour brisk walk, five days a week.


One of the best ways to improve your stamina, increase heart and lung health, and lose weight is by jogging. The key to reaping the benefits without causing pain to your joints is to start slow, and slowly progress to the speed suitable for you.


Hiking is considered the ideal choice if you are looking for a tremendous leg workout and cardiovascular benefits. It is a great activity that offers both physical and mental benefits. The activity required specific gears based on where you plan to go!

Yoga at a park

If you are looking to relax your mind and the body, then yoga is the best outdoor exercise Increased flexibility to reduced stress, increased muscle tone, improved respiration, improved energy, balanced metabolism, and yoga offer many benefits. All you need is a mat and an ideal outdoor space such as a park to enhance your mood.

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There are many other outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, golfing, climbing. Choose an activity that sounds fun to you. Find a perfect trail, quite park, get outdoors, boost your mood, and improve your physical health.


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